Our people

ur experienced and professional employees have worked in the industries we supply, are aware of the problems of our clients and they feel at home in the field. In addition to their qualifications in process installations, R&D or control engineering, they have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biochemical and food industry.

We recruit from the food industry to secure that our inspectors feel familiar with your production environment and above all know about your process line and the importance of hygienic production.

Bactoforce International A/S
Eigil Appel Pedersen
Chairman / Founder
M: +45 4027 7767
E: eap@bactoforce.com

nilsjacobhaaningNils Jacob Haaning
Managing Director
T: +45 8680 6320
M: +45 5370 6320
E: njh@bactoforce.com




1Johannes Coenen
Country Manager Germany, Switzerland, Austria
T: +49 2383 9126 012
M: +49 1755 7472 77
E: j.coenen@bactoforce.com




5048 Kopie

Marcel Wilmink
Country Manager Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg
T: +31 344 63 49 90
M: +31 646 68 87 37
E: marcel.wilmink@bactoforce.com

MagneMagne Brauten
Country Manager Norway, Sweden, Finland
T: +47 6126 3333
M: +47 4827 8927
E: Magne.brauten@bactoforce.com






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