Why work with us

Prevent_validate_manageWe are an independent service provider that helps companies in the pharmaceutical, biochemical and food industry with the detection and prevention of microbial hazards in their production processes.

Know-how of your industry
With as much as 35 qualified employees Bactoforce annually performs more than 5000 inspections for the pharmaceutical, biochemical and food industry in countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, the UK and Benelux. Many of the inspectors have gained experience in the industry which they are now making safer by doing inspections.

Aimed at prevention
Our service is mainly aimed at prevention: preventing microbial hazards from happening. We inspect, monitor, analyse, report and advise regularly. What is in it for you? You will run lower risks and will save considerable time and money.

Innovative in service
A tool of major importance is our own R-Force software, an online program in which microbial hazards are being saved and stored. Our findings can be shared with internal employees or external parties immediately to prevent risks from growing into threats.

Contact us
If you would like to know more about our employees, our approach or R-Force, please contact us today for an informal appointment.

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