HygieneSafe: UV light inspection for residues and biofilm on process installations

2-icon-HygieneSafeHygieneSafe is a general UV-light inspection we execute on open surfaces in complete process installations. With HygieneSafe we assist you in mapping out the critical control points and inspect these on a regular basis. Our reporting is based on a numeric scale, which enables you to do statistics and follow the progress over time. You’ll receive a detailed stock-taking of the general hygienic condition in your production line.

HYGIENESAFEAnticipate microbial problems
Scratches, crazes and other irregularities in process installations will sooner or later lead to microbial problems. These problems can eventually cause downtime, product recalls or considerable image damage.

External audit
Concerns about quality and food safety increases the focus on control and audit in all parts of the supply chain. Using Bactoforce as an external, independent partner when carrying hygiene audits of your processing line, you will be in a better position to use the results as part of your own quality management system.

Preventive hygiene inspections gives you both a status and an overview of the development of the cleaning in your process line. Use this as a tool to communicate and guide the employees with responsibility for the daily cleaning. Our experience is that increased focus on critical areas will improve the general state of the cleaning in your process line and hence decrease the risk of quality problems caused by insufficient cleaning.

Product properties

Inspection method
  • UV light
  • Critical control points
  • Complete process installations
  • Open surfaces
Inspection for
  • Residues or biofilm on open surfaces due to insufficient cleaning
  • Extensive description, including images
  • Reporting based on numeric scale to allow for easy overview and statistics
  • Specific advice and recommendations
  • Possibility to make reports available for internal use via R-Force

Our reports

After the inspection you will receive an extensive report. In addition to concrete solutions for microbial hazards we will give you some recommendations for a structural improvement of the hygienic condition of your means of production.

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