PastSafe: Integrity test and holding time inspection of heat exchangers and pasteurisers

2-icon-PastSafeWhen it comes to increasing food safety in the food industry, heat exchangers play an important role. But as a result of wear and tear on the plates and gaskets, the equipment itself is also a source of product quality problems arising from cross contamination. Inspecting and identifying defects in the heat exchanger is often cumbersome, inaccurate and with risk of damaging the equipment. The patented Bactoforce PastSafe inspection method allows you to reduce downtime and get a reliable test of your heat exchanger without opening it.

Our unique inspection method
Bactoforce has developed and patented a method to inspect heat exchangers for defects on location in a closed state to localize these defects very accurately and quickly. By pumping a fluorescent liquid (tested and approved for the food industry) through the heat exchanger, we simulate the production situation and are able to detect any cracks down to the size of 2 my. By reversing the process, we are able to identify cracks which would otherwise have been “closed” from the pressure on the plate. In addition, we identify leaks through gaskets by visual inspection using UV light.
This method is best-in-class in terms of accuracy, reducing downtime and avoiding unnecessary risk of damage to plates and gaskets.

Pressure and temperature
In combination with the heat exchanger inspection, our Bactoforce inspectors can monitor the heat treatment holding times of your pasteurization and UHT installations. They also can execute a video endoscopy of the holding cell. Parameters such as pressure and temperature will be captured very accurately, as a result of which microbial hazards are controlled preventively.

Product properties

Inspection method
  • A unique, patented technique
  • Quick and accurate
  • Avoid opening the heat exchanger
  • Inspection from both sides
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Tubular heat exchangers
Inspection for
  • Cracks and crazes
  • External leaks
  • Worn-out gaskets
  • Holding time
  • Extensive description, including images
  • Specific advice and recommendations
  • Possibility to make reports available for internal use via R-Force
  • Defect localization

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