R-Force: Risk management and documentation with Bactoforce

r-forceManage your risks with R-Force
R-Force is developed to keep you informed and updated about the hygiene conditions of your process installations and production processes.

r-force01Access information about recent inspection reports, an overview of the main parameters and announcements of planned inspections. You can also look up your inspection history, generate statistical analysis, and authorize follow-ups. The software behind R-Force is web based, which means that an internet connection is all you need to access R-Force.

R-Force shows you the status of all inspections: approved, confirmed or new inspection planned. When you open an approved inspection, you can download the inspection report immediately as a PDF file. This allows you to save reports locally and share them with employees or partners without access to R-Force. Next to that, R-Force can be used by anyone who has been registered by your companies administrator.

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