Riboflavintest: Hygiene inspection for cleaning and cleanability

2-icon-CIP-validationWhen working with closed and automated processing lines, a well-functioning CIP cleaning system is essential to production quality management. Validation of the CIP installation is often based on analyzing the CIP liquid. The Bactoforce inspections can be used to supplement this by identifying the root cause of any irregularities revealed by the analysis.

CIP-validationValidate your installations
Bactoforce inspects and validates the CIP cleaning by means of visual inspection of tanks, pipes, surfaces, etc. The benefit of visual inspection is that it reveals areas the automated cleaning can’t reach. This reveals biofilm in tanks or residues in pipes, which are often caused by mechanical defects in the CIP system (e.g. defective turbine) or design errors (e.g. dead ends in pipes).

Our method of working
Our inspections may be carried out preventively in combination with other inspections such as TankSafe or PipeSafe with very little additional effort (downtime) and cost. Such preventive inspections can be used as part of your quality management system.
Should your own quality controls have revealed microbial problems, these inspections are a hands-on way to identify and isolate the root cause of these problems in combination with other measures taken.

Product properties

Inspection method
  • Video endoscopy
  • UV-light
  • Tanks
  • Pipeline systems
  • Open surfaces
Inspection for
  • Biofilm on tank walls
  • Residues in pipelines
  • Mechanical defects in CIP system
  • Design errors resulting in low cleanability (EHEDG)
  • Extensive description, including images
  • Specific advice and recommendations
  • Possibility to make reports available for internal use via R-Force

Contact us
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