TankSafe: Inspection for cracks and defects in your storage tanks, spray dryers and other containers

2-icon-TankSafeTankSafe is our inspection method to detect defects in your storage tanks, spray dryers and other vessels. These defects such as cracks, crazes and corrosion can develop into microbial nests in which micro-organisms can freely thrive on organic material that remains in the cracks. The TankSafe inspection also includes measuring the effectiveness of the CIP-cleaning.

TANKSAFETankSafe: acceptance test or preventive measure
Our experience has shown that defects in tanks, towers and other vessels may occur already in the construction phase and throughout the lifetime of the tank“ due to human errors or ordinary wear and tear. Using the Bactoforce TankSafe inspections as a factory acceptance test or as a preventive measure during operation, will help you to assess the maintenance status of your vessels and hence avoid microbial hazards.

Our method will in addition reveal mechanical defects in your CIP system leading to insufficient cleaning. Bactoforce has the equipment, expertise and experience to inspect tanks in all shapes and sizes in the food and biochemical industry.

Our method
TankSafe is a method which gives a clear view of the state your storage tank is in. We spray your tank with a liquid tracer (Bactotracer), which is tested and approved for application in the food industry. This solution will find its way in the smallest crazes and cracks, which then will fluoresce under a UV lamp. Thanks to this method, Bactoforce is able to inspect the entire surface of your tank quickly and effectively.

Product properties

Inspection method
  • A proven method
  • Entire surface will be inspected
  • No scaffolding needed
  • Non-destructive test method
  • All sizes of storage tanks, spray dryers and other vessels
  • Suitable for the liquid food industry
  • From supply to end product
Inspection for
  • Cracks and crazes
  • Biofilm
  • Leaks
  • Corrosion
  • Extensive description, including images
  • Specific advice and recommendations
  • Possibility to make reports available for internal use via R-Force

Contact us
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