General Management: Food safety according to Bactoforce

1-GRM-2660096As a general manager you are concerned with end-product quality (food safety), production efficiency and cost control. Identifying and managing risks in your production line both secures and adds value to your brand in the eyes of your customers. Working preventatively with Bactoforce adds to your long term success on all three items. And in case of an emergency, Bactoforce knows how to cope with critical response time and flexibility to minimize downtime and loss of production

The potential problems
When defects in your processing equipment manifests itself in product quality problems, quick identification of the causes is required to avoid downtime and production loss, and reduce supply chain issues.
At Bactoforce, we focus on identifying microbial hazards arising from:

– crazes or pinholes in tanks,
– cross-contamination in heat exchangers,
– poor-quality weldings, or
– mechanical defects in the CIP-system.

We ask you to consider the costs of tackling quality-related unscheduled downtime versus the costs for periodical preventive inspections.

Periodical inspections will bring help
The results of our inspections will give you an insight into the maintenance status of your production process. With the help of the Bactoforce inspectors and our detailed reports you will be updated on the condition of critical parts of your production line. On the basis of the available data you will be able to use your budget in a calculated and cost-effective manner and you will reduce the risk of facing high unforeseen financial expenses.

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