Quality management: identification and documentation of critical and weak points in your production process

1-QRM-49702618As a Quality Manager it is your responsibility to make sure that the product leaving your factory is safe and meets all quality requirements. Increasingly, international quality standards“ such as BRC and ISO22000“ calls for identification and documentation of critical points and weaknesses in your production process. Bactoforce works with proven methods for leading brands in the food industry. Each inspection is well documented and available online trough our innovative reporting system R-Force.

The potential problems
Whenever a quality problem manifests itself, the potential consequences are well known: downtime, loss of production, delayed deliveries, image damage, etc., making it critical to quickly identify the root causes and take the proper actions. And when a problem is caused by:

– crazes or pinholes in tanks,
– cross-contamination in heat exchangers,
– poor-quality weldings, or
– mechanical defects in the CIP-system,

you need a flexible troubleshooter with the right experience and tools on-site.

Rely on prevention and documentation
Construction faults, wear and other defects can easily lead to unexpected microbial hazards. In Bactoforce, we are working with some of the leading brands in the food industry to prevent quality problems arising from defects in the processing equipment. Our customers use our inspections and reports in their own quality management system as documentation towards internal and external quality audits.

A safe production process starts with

Bactoforce knows from its own experience that a safe production process starts with a validated and preventatively inspected production line. Using state-of-the-art inspection methods, we are able to pinpoint the defects in the production process timely, even before the lab detects problems with the end product. That way you will have the time to take effective measures. Our inspection reports can also be used for internal and external audits.

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