Technical management: preventive maintenance and maintenance of manufacturing and production facilities

1-TRM-52077193As a technical manager you’re responsible for the implementation of new investments and the on-going technical maintenance of the product lines in your factory. You’re aware that the condition of your production equipment is critical and that preventive maintenance is cost efficient in the long run.

More and more, we find that professional companies require inspections and documentation of the quality and condition of the production equipment.

The risk of a faulty design and construction
Even small defects in design or construction can lead to serious microbial hazards, resulting in pathogenic micro-organisms having a chance to grow and cause problems that eventually lead to production downtime. Cracks in tanks, poor weldings in pipes or defects in the CIP equipment are examples of defects that may be avoided when installing new equipment.

From early identification to prevention
Your installation has to be in perfect condition on completion to suit your quality requirements and will have to stay that way even after extensive use.
Our inspection reports show you the state of your process line from factory acceptance of new equipment and throughout the lifetime of the equipment. With these reports you can react to weaknesses arising from operational wear and tear in time. Our preventive inspections allow you to get any defects repaired during planned maintenance shut-downs, reducing costs and increasing awareness

What Bactoforce can do for you
Companies regularly call in Bactoforce to inspect and identify defects in the processing equipment and the status of the CIP cleaning in both newly installed equipment and operating lines.
As a Technical Manager, inspections by Bactoforce are a tool to get information about the state of your production line. Use our reports in your communication with your maintenance team, your equipment supplier and your supplier of cleaning detergents.
Use Bactoforce to identify risks and reduce costs.

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