Our services: non-destructive testing of tanks, spray dryers, heat exchangers, piping and open surfaces

2-general-0484Bactoforce offers a wide range of non-destructive inspections (NDT) of processing equipment to help identify and prevent microbial hazards in your products. Our inspection methods are proven over the past 20 years. Today, Bactoforce carries out more than 5.000 inspections yearly, giving our inspectors a unique experience in broad range of different equipment and industries. We believe that combining proven methods and experienced people is the key to success.

Our inspection methods are applicable for tanks, sprayer dryer towers, heat exchangers, pipes and open surfaces. External validation of your equipment is relevant from delivery (acceptance test) and throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Six types of inspection
Let us introduce you to our 6 innovative inspection services to detect microbial hazards in your production process, caused by mechanical faults or insufficient cleaning. To keep everyone updated about the inspections, we’ve developed the online reporting tool R-Force. Experience the power of:

2-icon-TankSafeTankSafe: an inspection technique to detect crazes, cracks, and microbial hazards in storage tanks and dryers. More on TankSafe >>
2-icon-PastSafePastSafe: a patent and the most accurate method to inspect new and used heat exchangers on leaks. More on PastSafe >>
2-icon-PipeSafePipeSafe: less accessible pipeline systems reveal their secrets thanks to high-tech video endoscopy. More on PipeSafe >>
2-icon-CIP-validationRiboflavin: a thorough inspection of the automatic cleaning process. How efficient is the Cleaning in Place? More on Riboflavintest >>
2-icon-HygieneSafe HygieneSafe: a visual presentation of microbial hazards and their assessment. More on HygieneSafe >>
2-icon-CalSafeCalSafe: controls and adjusts process parameters on site. More on CalSafe >>
r-forceR-Force Management Tool: our online reporting tool is developed to give you easy access to all reports and planned inspections. More on R-Force >>

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